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I bring extensive expertise and qualifications to guarantee top-notch welding training for your staff. Expect outstanding results and practical learning experiences.

Wayne Vessey

Stay up-to-date

At Trade Train NZ, I provide practical tuition that equips your staff with the knowledge of new and improved techniques and consumables in the Welding and Fabrication trade. My hands-on approach ensures that your team stays ahead of the competition.

We bring the training to you

No need to worry about travel or logistics. With our in-house training service, I come directly to your location, saving you time and effort. We make it convenient for you to upskill your team without any hassle.

Flexible and fast training

I understand that time is valuable, which is why my training programs are designed to be flexible and fast. I focus on delivering high-quality training that gives you the best value for your money. With Trade Train NZ, you can achieve results efficiently.

Experience you can trust

With over twenty five years of experience in Engineering, Welding in all positions and processes, both in the UK and NZ, I bring extensive knowledge and qualifications to ensure top-notch training for your staff. You can trust us to deliver exceptional results.

Achieve welding qualifications with ease

My expertise extends beyond training - I can help your staff obtain welding qualifications with a high rate of success. With Trade Train NZ by your side, you can rest assured that your team will achieve the necessary certifications for success.

Upskilling Industry Professionals

The primary objective of Trade Train NZ's industry division is to provide practical, hands-on training to employees, enabling them to stay current with the latest techniques and materials in the welding and fabrication trade.

With over 25 years of teaching experience in both the UK and NZ, I bring a wealth of knowledge and qualifications to the table. My expertise spans engineering, welding across all positions, and proficiency in all processes ranging from light to heavy fabrication work. Throughout my career, I have remained dedicated to seeking out more cost-effective methods of utilizing emerging technologies as they become available.
Trade Industry Welding Training

Tailored Training That Comes to You

At Trade Train NZ, we understand that every individual and business has unique training needs. That’s why we offer flexible training options that are designed to fit your schedule and budget, all in the comfort of your own workplace.


Your Business, Your Privacy

We respect the confidentiality of your business operations. When I come to your workplace for training, what happens in your business stays within your business. Your privacy is our priority.

Unbiased Advice

As a totally independent company, Trade Train NZ is committed to providing unbiased advice on all your training and equipment needs. I have no affiliations or biases towards any specific brands or suppliers – my only goal is to help you succeed.


Talent Pool at Your Fingertips

We have access to a pool of talented individuals who are eager to work in the welding and fabrication industry. If you’re looking for skilled workers to join your team, I can connect you with motivated individuals who are ready to contribute their expertise, all without you having to leave your premises.

Trade Teacher Welding Training

Empower your trade teachers with expertise

As someone deeply entrenched in the world of metalworking, I see the new emphasis on trade instruction as a fantastic opportunity to elevate the learning experience in schools. My extensive experience spans every aspect of metalwork, from training factory workers to guiding apprentices at Polytechnic institutions. Additionally, I've had the privilege of assisting trade staff in secondary schools.

I take pride in working directly with trade teachers, collaborating to enhance their practical abilities. Together, we can ensure that your trade education program reaches its full potential.

Expertise you can rely on

Our training covers a wide range of skills, from metal fabrication to welding, engineering, and woodwork, ensuring that teachers are well-rounded in their knowledge.


Customised training for every teacher

Our flexible and fast training approach ensures that we tailor the program to match the knowledge and abilities of each teacher, providing the best value for money.


Bridging the gap between education and industry

With strong industry connections, I can facilitate work experience opportunities and even apprenticeships for school leavers, ensuring a smooth transition into the workforce.

Unbiased advice from industry experts

As an independent company, I offer unbiased advice and guidance to match your requirements with the right resources, ensuring syllabus objectives are met effectively.


Paving the way for success

We have strong connections with companies that provide top-notch machinery support, ensuring that your teachers have access to reliable equipment and services for seamless operations.

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